Sentimo-nos humanos, olhamos e vemos Paisagens electronicas que tem o poder de criar imagens mentais com uma forca e uma vigorosidade tal que nos apercebemos o quao pequenos somos.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006
Bem cá vai.
Depois de alguns pedidos decidi fazer um apanhado de netlabels.


"Thinner" is a German electronic music netlabel that distributes free MP3 files since 2001.

Our service is to distribute good electronic music across the world.

You're invited to download every Thinner release from this Website and spread the music. Information about proper usage of the music is in the disclaimer.

Thinner has a history that reaches until 1998. You can read the nostalgia here.


-n is a netlabel distributing free high quality mp3 releases under a creative commons license. its aim is to provide various aspects of sound aesthetics.

Why we run 1bit wonder
'Cause we like music. Not just electronic stuff, but all kinds of music. With 1bit wonder, we want to release what we think the world should have a chance to listen to. Style doesn't matter. It's just about our sense of good taste.

Audiobulb records embraces uncertainty, flexibility and creative risk taking. We paint with sound with the aim of
evoking an emotional response. Our audio may take many forms - minimal - glitch-like - intelligent - playful -
serious - powerful - rhythmic - beautiful - scary - angry - manic. We use sounds to connect with the listener
and evoke an emotional response.

Within the site you will find work by a number of our artists in the form of random mp3's and album releases.
There are also a wealth of visual images, creative tools and interactive elements. Did you know one of the
logos is a ball waiting to be returned? Have you seen how autistici tries to destroy his disability?

Thank you for visiting us - we invite you to look, listen and interact.


Comfort Stand Recordings is a community-driven label where all releases are free with artwork and liner notes. We strive to bring you recordings that we find interesting, compelling and downright enjoyable. We are not genre-specific and feature a wide range of material, from well-known performers to those loud unknown kids down your block.

We are not a business. We're not out to make a profit. There are no banners, popups, or spam at Comfort Stand. You don't have to register yourself to download the music you like. We operate under the ideology that money need not come between artists and audience.


hippocamp was launched in may 2000 originally featuring featuring music from blue sky research (jonathan fisher), dncn (duncan jones) and iermoc (matthew lever). since then it's grown into a full 'netlabel' featuring music from artists all over the world

WM Recordings brings you music that is a little "different". We do not specialize in one style, but instead bring you exciting sounds that you're not likely to find anywhere else. Everything you see here is free and released under a Creative Commons license, so take as much as you like.


Sudamérica electrónica es una muestra en linea de música digital, a trasmitirse desde siete paises de Latinoamérica, creando una red de comunicación instantanea: un espacio virtual para la interacción y el intercambio.
Durante el mes de abril del 2005, 21 exponentes representativos de cada región presentaran su trabajo. Las transmisiones serán en tiempo real y con una fecha dedicada a cada ciudad.
Las nuevas posibilidades de compartir información nos permitirán eliminar las restricciones físicas del espacio y conectar las propuestas de cada país con diferentes públicos en el continente y el mundo.
La participación de los proyectos de audio, incluye la presencia de muestras de los músicos de estos siete países, formando un primer catalogo de audio digital de nuestro continente. J.L

Earstroke - is a small independant label run by Luke Hazard and friends. the site was launched as a net label on june 22, 2004, inspired by the works of BRTLMN, Plantre, and WordSalad. we are dedicated to the abstract, the beautiful, and the experimental. our label showcases a wide variety of talent from the underground electronic music scene spanning accross the world.


electronicdiversity.com is an international collaborative website devoted to independent electronic musicians with the goal of Expanding Electronic Diversity. EED was founded in 2004 by two like-minded friends David Tagg and David Shichman. The focus is on avenues of electronic music that do not usually get the attention they deserve. We look forward to hosting free Mp3 downloads by independent electronic artists.


features follwoing artists: Sinister Bend, Endoskeleton, Generentropy, Gregory Elliott : Spagirus, Headphone Science, Human, infidelArray, J. Auer, Line Noise & LacedMilk Tech, Mleep, MonoCulture, Nick Cramer, Noise Reductions, Nvoise, Phortran : Chemical Sky, Plowve, Potwhore, Project 65, Q u o n e, Sükdom, Tangible, The Dongles, The Retail Sectors, Use : Maph Prothet & Oblong Quadroflop, Zainetica

he style of laridae is somewhere between idm, beats`n bleeps, electropop and ambient. no strictly baselines. we listen to artists like autechre, notwist, four tet, mice parade, vangelis, bola, queen ...

the label was founded in spring 2004 but most of the artists got to know each other earlier in the fm4-soundpark (an online music community thing made up by the local radio-station FM4). but as the possibilities to release music there are limited to a single track once a month or so, we decided to make something on our own. so we founded a netlabel, laridae (named after a track by photophob).

One is brought together through the time and work of:

Aaron McCammon - finalizing, release schedule, design, php
Nick Stephens - hosting and network support, character
Edward Blake - domain, inspiration, music software, web
Felix Petrescu - artwork, random non-violent acts
Adrian Leverkuhn - art, ears, devils advocate


We at STROEM are dedicated to releasing inspiring music for your enjoying and free download. Each release obeys the limit set by a mini cd, that is it can only be 21 minutes long. Moreover, all releases comes with a downloadable full color artwork for you to print and keep with the release.

Even though our releases are free for download all music and graphic work are copyrighted to respective artist. Only the copyright holder has the right to copy the work or give anyone else the right to copy the work. This means, that although STROEM provides you with freely downloadable music and graphics, the respective artists still own the copyright.


ABYSSA NETLABEL ambient, electronica, dark, electro, indus, illbient

AcediaMusic consist of artists from many places on this earth, our ways crossed on purpose. We believe in diversity and the strength of art and we work towards crossing borders and connecting people. Since most of us are widerange musicians and multi-plattform artists the spectrum of your creations grows bigger with every new member. We represent the many ideas that always existed and will always exist.


alpinechic is a music label, run and founded by underground music lovers, whose purpose is to build an online network dedicated to newcomer artists playing and performing in the electronic underground music scene. alpinechic is physically based in zürich and is run by electronic music lovers for electronic music lovers. the label consequently concentrates its efforts on electronic performers of the swiss underground music scene.

The Cluster-Flux organization was formed in spring of 2004 as a "pre-label" we are a non-profit base for music distribution and promotion. Our members release singles, albums, DJ mixes, and live performance recordings through our website. Cluster-Flux is exactly the definition of it's name, a constantly changing group. C-F is not a net label that specializes in one genre, rather C-F enjoys the diversity in electronic music and uses it as a means to expose new artists. If you feel that you would like to be part of the Cluster-Flux organization please email lucasr[at]clusterflux.org.

2063music is a netlabel dedicated to artists that use music as a language. Our releases are unique and individual. This strategy includes that we will cover a big variety of sounds, because we think that people who are open minded will listen to every form of music. It's about the exploration of heard and unheard territories in mind.

2063music was founded by 020200 in 1999 with the goal to conserve that feeling from the childhood days of sitting in front of the radio while trying to get the right frequencies. Still the diffrence is, that the net offers a bigger variety than radio today.

test tube (or '| - apostrophe+pipe - for short) is a Portuguese netlabel, focused on presenting new artists exploring new sounds. Be they electronic or acoustic.

Let's think of test tube as a test tube - literally - for emerging sound languages.

test tube is going to release EPs and LPs on mp3 or ogg format, with artwork thinked and designed by aeriola::behaviour. We see our releases as a whole.
The music released on test tube, remains intellectual property of the artists. It is solely for free distribution and promotion, with no intent on financial gain. All works must be credited to the artist: Keep the tags intact.


Kyoto_digital is a netlabel based in Denmark. The aim of kyoto_digital is to release deep minimal music, where sound aesthetic and function are merged into an entity of hypnotic movement and form. Each release is available for free in 192kbps mp3 format for a limited period of time.

All audio releases on this site are property of the respective authors and kyoto_digital, it is allowed to share and publicly perform these works as long as the ID3 tags remain unchanged and the source is mentioned. Copying, selling and using these MP3 files for commercial purpose is not allowed.

instabil is a netlabel based in leipzig/germany. the aim of instabil is to release electronic soul music, where sound aesthetic and function are merged into an entity of hypnotic movement and form. each release is available for free in 192kbps mp3 format. all audio releases on this site are property of the respective authors and instabil, it is allowed to share and publicly perform these works as long as the id3 tags remain unchanged and the source is mentioned. copying, selling and using these mp3 files for commercial purpose is not allowed.
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