Sentimo-nos humanos, olhamos e vemos Paisagens electronicas que tem o poder de criar imagens mentais com uma forca e uma vigorosidade tal que nos apercebemos o quao pequenos somos.


Friday, March 10, 2006

Vale mesmo a pena ver o que os rapazes de Londres andam a fazer.

In recognition of the pioneering experimental works continually being produced by artists for the internet Soundtoys.net has been established to provide a space for the exhibition of exciting new works by a growing community of audio visual artists, while also providing a forum for discourse around new technologies and the nature of soundtoys. The site is intended to provide a meeting point for this growing community of artists and users, and in addition to the exhibition of audio visual projects, the site contains areas for artists interviews, links to resources, and texts by contributing writers where serious issues around interactive arts, audio visual syhthesis, generative art, and a history of interactivity are discussed. Hopefully it is a fun and entertaining site to visit, while also providing valuable information for all parties.
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