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Monday, April 17, 2006

glui was devised around 1997 by Nic Collins and Sukandar Kartadinata as a new node on the music & technology grid following their joint work during the mid-nineties at STEIM.

glui aims to continue the tradition of sensor instruments and to further promote the physical performance aspects of live electronic music, striving to achieve the coherency of acoustic instruments.

glui focuses on custom hardware development and system design, where support for musicians has been neglected compared to the software domain. With the gluiph and the gluion we provide two building blocks for the development of your electronic instrument, no matter wether you want to go the"traditional" way of interfacing sensors to your laptop or prefer to invest in an integrated, more mature solution.

More recently glui has started to complement its product offerings with workshops on hardware hacking and sensor technology.

And glui remains artist-driven, as can be seen from our project list, which ranges from small-scale circuit-bending to big-scale installations including work in the visual world. In addition our new concept pages discuss alternatives for instrument design.

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