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Rollz 5

Thursday, December 28, 2006

My friend Peter b as came with other new awesome desing.
The Rollz 5 chk it
After creating several standalone pieces, I decided to design a group of paper circuits that combine in diverse ways as an assemblage. I intended to confront the notion of “drum machine”, which implies the sterile regimentation of time, and transform it into a collection of organic flows generated by geometrical forms. These forms and their accompanying filters can be switched, wired, or touched; the final manifestations range from a small preset switch-box, a squeezable spike-dome, or a traditional modular. My first implementation uses five slim walnut panels, connected by heavy cloth-wire, which I hang on the wall to play and fold up to store (figure 1). I exposed the nodes on the surface as inlaid brass pegs, for alligator clips to grasp.

Rollz 5
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