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Max/Msp roundup

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Its the first time doing a roundup of applications for Max/msp.
Ive work hard to came up with a top ten applications for Max/Msp, so here goes

1 lloopp "lloopp is a software written in max/msp, designed for live-improvising.
lloopp is freeware, open source, please note its copyleft.
lloopp is written by artists who use this very software for their performances.
anybody who is into max-programming is invited to join in. refer to the .help-section for building new patches and use our lloopp list for communication. any ideas are welcome as well."

2 gleetchlab2 "Freeware glitch music and sound design authoring suite"

3 irin "Micromontage technique allows the composer to work a musical figure point by point, shaping each sound particle with microscopic precision. The software presented in this paper combines graphic and script editing with algorithmic generation and manipulation of sound sequences. It provides several tools to enhance both creation and organic development of the musical material under this compositional paradigm using a user-friendy visual environment."in studiotoolz

4 forester "A journey into the sonic forest. As you move around the forest your position relative to the trees (the graphic discs) is tracked. This data is used to control the musical parameters of the music."

5 mawe "MaWe is an exclusive, independent, cost free patch designed for Max/MSP environment.
MaWe needs Max/MSP program in full or free version (runtime).
MaWe has been designed as a compositional and performance tool for live audio and video purposes.
MaWe in its modular form can be used on slower and faster machines running different operating systems including MacOs X, Windows XP and MacOs 9 (smaller version of MaWe)."

6 argo "ARGO is made of more than 100 real-time sound synthesis modules. A module is a Max/MSP patch."

7 cooper "The idea was to create a flexible environment which can be controlled from
meta-parameter-levels without loosing direct control of single parameters or
giving responsibility to the computer.
The audio processing is encapsulated into modules, which get connetcted
through a matrix.
Every input a user sends to a module can be recorded in figure files for later
These figures allow the generation of complex musical structures without the
need to control every single parameter by hand."

8 burn toast "live performance looping system"

9 enord///flux "Enord///Flux creates unpleasant noises and textures by multiplying signals against sine wave oscillators, and thanks to sloppy coding it also tends to rather nastily overdrive everything. This patch is a cleaned up and streamlined version of the core functionality of patches I used extensively on 102x04: As Drifting of Night into Morning, (often in a triangular configuration called DroneTrio.)"

10 autumn "no info on this one the website is in japanese, but its quite good to play around with it"

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