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Low Tech Sensors

Friday, April 13, 2007

Low Tech was a collaborative research project to develop a suite of low-tech sensors and actuators that might be useful for artists and architects working with interactive environments. With this project we hoped to consolidate a number of different approaches we had found ourselves taking in our own work and develop both a "kit-of-parts" and a more conceptual framework for producing such works.

We were certainly not alone in hacking technology to suit our purposes and we realised that it would be very useful for others in our fields to have a good outline of this approach and indication of the types of devices they might use.

Now that the report has been released publicly and we have had many downloads (almost 25,000 at last count!) and several workshops, we are providing this wiki so that others can share, contribute and learn from similar projects by anyone else who would like to contribute.

Low Tech Sensors

instrumensts using lowtech sensors

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