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Electronic Musician's Emergency Adapters

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Or the Electronic music aid.
Ive post this because last night i was playing in a small club here in lisbon and i forgot two cables that are indispensable (i wish i had the EMEA :), but everything went well after that problem, but its a good thing to have around specially when you are playing live.
"When Radio Shack is closed, you'll feel confident that you can handle any venue's crazy sound system setup with this thorough set of audio adapters chosen specifically for the needs of the electronic musician. From the ubiquitous 1/8" to RCA adapter common to almost every laptop set (laptop headphones out to club mixer in) to the less-common-but-still-essential XLR adapters (for dealing with stage breakout boxes), you can feel confident that your sound will reach the people, no matter what the promoter or sound guy has overlooked."

Electronic Musician emergency adapters
Horsa Musician survival kit

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