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The Revolution of Greed and the Music Industry

Monday, June 25, 2007

Hi to all this is my first post in 2 weeks, why? let me explain to you what happend .
First my laptop was stolen with all my info, songs, projects, media, masters you name it, and ive been trying to get the data back (no luck on that) ive been posting posters in my area tolding what happened but like i said before (no luck).
The second its ive done a huge effort to give a workshop of circuit bending and that wasted all my time, it was two long days of work, but it was successful i will posting some pictures soon.
It was two long weeks, with some depressing stuff in between, with brings me back to the topic of this post, if you like electronic music and some of its genres you sure have heard Sublight Records (venetian snares, enduser, donna summer, richard divine and so many others)well its going to close.....and why the hawser its right here.
""The Revolution of Greed and the Music Industry
By: Benn Jordan

A decade ago, while being an amateur musician and daytime computer technician, a tech-savvy friend of mine called me raving about MP3s. He even sent me some files on my painfully slow dialup connection. He spoke of groups on BBS systems and IRC that were ripping and trading albums. I eventually figured out what they technically were, and how they worked. The technology impressed me, but I didn’t worry about it either. I thought to myself:

“Surely nobody is going to spend 40 hours downloading an album at a horrible audio quality.”

Of course I didn’t speculate how advanced the internet would become 10 years later. Terabytes, iPods, wireless networking, and broadband internet…I just didn’t have the foresight. Those who did either fought it or became millionaires.

Now before you start getting excited about being part of a “music revolution”, I’m going to share my rendition of it, which isn’t going to be inspirational in the least bit. The point of all it all is, well, that nearly everyone involved is unethical and greedy. From the largest corporation all the way down to the consumer.""

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  • Great read! Really eye opening on the Amazon and iTunes scam!

    I'd be lying if I said that I never DL'd an artists work , but I do try to be somewhat ethical about it (mostly old, obscure & OOP, but I can count on one hand the number of new releases and can still smoke a cigarette with it, for whatever that's worth).

    But the truth is that Pandora has opened the box, and all the lawsuits in the world will change that.

    So, as far as the current (old) way of conducting business in the music world: It's curtains. The RIAA is the major label's death rattle; the looting after the disaster. If anything, their overboard antics embolden the scuzzier element of the piracy community - a new way to 'stick it to the man'.

    I myself play music, and have decided to not even play the game. Any music that the group makes will be FREE. We're a freaky band, and don't expect any money anyway (nor have I ever made ONE CENT for the records I've played on that were part of the system). Real, life sustaining money from cd/lp sales is pipe dream for the vast majority of artists out there. For example, I know the guys from Mastadon. Two years ago,they were being hailed as one of the top five metal acts in the WORLD. They toured constantly and were definitely selling tonnage in cd sales, yet, when they returned from tour, they STILL HAD TO GO TO THEIR DAY JOBS. Of course, that's finally changed, but due almost entirely, no doubt, to their never ending tour schedule, ticket receipts and merch sales.

    This is no secret. This is where the artists paycheck lay. So, why not put out your music for free, and sell shirts and other 'material world' goods to pay for the recording and more merch (and if you're popular enough,living expenses)and forgo the label route?

    I could be wrong, but this is similar to what Einsturzende Neubauten does. They don't have a label, but have a sort of 'share holder' structure. The fans 'subscribe' to the band for a fee and thusly pay for the recordings, get all new recordings sent to them and, apparently, are allowed to express themselves to the artists directly. This sounds weird to me, but it seems to be working for them and it completely works outside of the current (outmoded) system.

    Self-reliance probably won't work for everyone, and so labels will still be needed. I would say that the same principal could easily work for them. These days, most labels fill their roster with like minded artists; chances are if you like one band, you'll probably like a fair amount of the labels output. Make the recordings free online. Charge a pretty penny for small pressings of 'prestige' packaged releases (thus tapping the collector mentality and perhaps, in a post-pirate climate, create new symbols of status). Sell 'material goods' based on those artists. Split cost and profit 50/50.

    Of course, it isn't as simple as all that, but it isn't much more complex,either. If you're an indie artist, you should be able to do it yourself. If you're a 'major star', don't sweat it, someone, somewhere, will give you money - I PROMISE!

    By Blogger Mars, at 5:11 AM  
  • Sorry to hear about your laptop, that sucks.

    Benn Jordan can whine about money all he wants. The real revolution is the growing number of people making music for themselves, and delivering it to their friends for free, grassroots level. The fact that that scene is rising to replace the commercial ones is nothing but good news IMHO.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:51 AM  
  • thx for the concern.
    I agree with you "anonymous" but i think that artist should have the right to make money for there work.

    By Blogger indeepp, at 3:43 AM  
  • he said himself that cd sales just make up pocket change. releasing free music gives the customers what they want, and serves as brilliant promotion for live shows. people might not want to buy cd's anymore, but they are perfectly willing to pay to see a good show, and lots of that money comes to the artist. if the artist really wants to become a businessman, then giving the customers what they want is most important.

    there are lots of artists experimenting with releasing copyright-free music in this way. it's more interesting to read about those who are having some success with it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:15 AM  
  • like i said before, i agree with you.
    Im a musician and ive release a lot of music myself, first it was the netlabels then the labels itself in a cd format and now im releasing music trough my onw channels (ive a lot of cd´r :) currently know as the author editions) but this takes me a lot of my time that i might use to make music, so i think labels on a low level could do this for me and make some money in the process.
    I trully believe the way to make your mark in this world is to do it in association with others (because i think theres no one that can do all this shit all by himself).

    By Blogger indeepp, at 10:46 PM  
  • This is true, it is very difficult to do it by yourself after a certain point.

    But if you are so successful that the promotional end is actually cutting into your creative time, why don't you personally hire people you know. Not necessarily friends, but people in your area who are skilled and answerable to you.

    And if your answer is that you're not making enough to hire someone else, then what makes you think a label is going to help you get there without a sacrifice? It's their business, most labels are not in it to go broke for your art.

    I think we as artists have to come to the realization that 90% of us will not be able to sustain ourselves for long off of music (if at all). The 'Rock Star' model is dead, and in it's place is something of a lifestyle loan scam. You can have it all - on credit. The minute the light dims, you get the check and realize you're now worse off monetarily than when you were slogging away in a club.

    Why do you think so many bands that start off vibrant and exciting suddenly shift gears once they sign a major (or if already on a major - hit their fourth record) and pump out some commercial low-com-denom tripe?

    Because they got the check. And the chances are, the bigger the band, the bigger the slide into mediocrity. They've become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, and as you get older you start to realize some cold facts: living ain't cheap. Dumb down your music a bit and you may not have to worry about it.

    Unfortunately, the idea of hiring your own team doesn't really solve this issue. In fact, it just extends your financial obligations, but at least everyone will be on the same side with a vested interest in your career. Can't say that about most labels (major or otherwise).

    In my previous post, the Pandora line should read:

    "But the truth is that Pandora has opened the box, and all the lawsuits in the world WON'T change that."

    I promise this will be my final rant. :P

    By Blogger Mars, at 7:52 PM  
  • lovely chat, thanks Mars and Anonymous

    By Blogger indeepp, at 4:22 AM  
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