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Extreme Wood bending

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Im in a process to build another music, bending synthesizer and im thinking wood for the case, simply because i think its the most beautiful of all materials.
In my search ive found this "extreme wood bending" the name its very appealing (circuit bending with wood, or some sort of it).
For everyone who are reading this blog here some more info about the stolen laptop and yet another bad news, my other laptop just died (burn motherboard), whats the chance of that in only a week?
SO here is the full story of wood bending.
""VICTORIA, B.C., CANADA--Chris Mroz tied the thin length of "compressed wood" into a knot and passed out another 50 sample pieces so the crowd could give it a try. You really had to bend it for yourself before you could believe his claim of the machine that can make hardwood lumber as flexible as rubber.

Dressed in a polo shirt and slacks, Mroz was demonstrating his bendable wood last week at the Furniture Society Conference here, and more than 100 furniture makers looked on with interest.

Eugene Rubin, a woodworker from Victoria, said he can already imagine uses for compressed wood. Rubin makes traditional bent willow chairs in the Adirondack tradition. "I see this as an opportunity to build my chairs with new materials," he said.

How it works
The machine used to create the bendable wood is called a Compwood machine, and it was developed in the 1980s by the Danish Technical Institute. The patented lengthwise compression process breaks the lignum bonds in the wood essentially making it flexible in any direction. Mroz purchased his Compwood machine from a lumber mill that produced bendable wood until it went out of business."""

Read the rest here

Thanks to Tauton fine woodworking
Eugene Rubin

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