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Hardware Top 10

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Im my struggle to create music ive acquire trough this years a lot of hardware equipment.
Back in 1996, ive begun to buy stuff, i was what do you call a hardware freak, ive sold a few and buy a few more , i also have filter my taste and know i buy only the stuff that its more important to my work.
So here is a list of my favorites buys.
1 hardware Synth : and the winner is.....Acceess virus B, im very proud of this machine it was my first synth and the one you as most powerful sound design.
Its capabilities, easy to use, great interface, sounds really tasty, the envelopes the lfos everything its great in this piece of hardware, if you see one on ebay buy it because its unique.
2 hardware synth : Yamaha FS1R a.k.a the drone machine, its a formante synthesizer and the sounds you could dream for days on a single patch.
The interface its not so great, but who cares anyway, the sounds of this little piece are full of ambient escapes, a must have.
3 hardware : MPC2000 XL, i really dont know what to say about this, for me its a brilliant conception between audio and midi production, even today i learn new features about the MPC and its sequencing system, one of the best things invented.
4 hardware synth : Sidstation, this little synth (no more then a box of chocolates)features are quite unique, first the chip the MOS 6581 is a legend in is time, then the idea of putting this inside a box with real time knobs ready to assign and to play, its just a lot of fun, and it sounds like no other of its kind.
5 hardware drum machine : Machinedrum another one from elektron, this guys from elektron are "packing fire" they have 3 machines in the market (Sidstation, Machinedrum; Monomachine) and all of them are really fantastic. but let focus on this one the Macinedrum.
First its a drum synth with lots of cool things like the "parameter locks" or the lfo that let you assign the lfo rate etc... to any setting in the synth like the pitch, delay etc..
The sounds inside this one are really great with a lot of kits ready to deploy :)
Any other words for this... Magnificent.
6 hardware soundcard : for those you use laptop,desktop,pc or mac the hawser its just one...Hammerfall multiface.
7 hardware microphone : Beringher B-2 PRO , nothing much to say about this microphone other then its great for all kinds of work, and i mean really all kinds, i do a lot of field recording with it and its great (big but great)i do my own samples record all my acoustic instruments (guitar, sax cello)with it and he performs and delivers like no other.
8 hardware effects : Shermann Filterbank 1 , it was pricy when i bought it, but it worth any euro that i gave for him.
The filters on the Shermann are great for live improvising music and also make my guitar sounds like Steve Vai (im not a fan of Steve Vai but he is the guitar master:)), inn appreciation this is one of the best filter that i came across, the envelopes and the lfos have a quality that you might want to have one of this baby's.
9 hardware synth : Cheetah MS6 (rare) and its all about analog monophonic synthesizer.
Ive bought this one 10 years ago in a flea market for 30 euros, it souds rich, fat,and warm and all my work passes trough him.
The interface its bad and also the design looks terrible, but the guts of this one delivers one hell of a sound, the bass section are quite interesting with a lot vca´s and lfos working togheter for a unique sound, its great also for ambient stuff.
One of the best buys.
10 hardware vocoder : MAM VF11 ,if you like robots and star wars effects and crunchy beat this vocoder/11EQ its for you (but im pretty shore that they don't manufacture this anymore)i dont sing but i pass all my beats drums trough it, the 11 channel equalizer gives a unique sound to my music and i really enjoy working with it.

So thats it TOP 10 hope you all enjoy my choices.

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