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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pete blasser is a force of nature, ive to pay my tribute to him and also thank him for the creativity that he puts on all is works, really is amazing.
He brings a new design and instrument its the Pneumasth a sort of hybrid analog guitar.
""This is the prototypical model of a Namastitar, an analog/string hybrid. The brass frets, besides setting the intervals of the acoustic string tones, are also nodes of an oscillator. So by playing the fretboardyou articulate string tone as well as oscillator tone. This oscillator makes a ring-modulation circuit with the sound of the string so you have complex articulated tones formed out of plucked string, as well as smooth oscillator tones made by pressing on the bridge (like the sidrassi organ somewhat). There are four knobs: oscillator basis frequency, fretboard convolution, mix of affected and clean string sounds, and master volume. The fretboard convolution knob controls how the oscillator responds to the fret scale- going upwards or downwards or upwards-downwards.""


mp3 1
mp3 2

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