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Saturday, September 08, 2007

After this long period without no posts (vacation)ive come with a clean mind and spirit ready to face the problems with the modernized world :)
And ive come with some new ideas ready to roll.
Well let me tell you more about this, im preparing for circuit bent your stuff, after a
period of adjustment im now producing, music instruments, modified pedals, toys and everything that comes in the way..
Ive made some stuff for friends in myself in a recently past, and i really like the idea of custom instruments.
I will also open a myspace with all the info very soon.
For practical info here is an example of how its going to work..
If you live in portugal you can contact me by phone, but if you live outside portugal, and want me to made something (lets say a bent toy, a modified instrument or pedal) you can send it to me (you will pay for post, if its something that you want me to bend)and then when its made i will send to you (and i will pay for posting charges).
I think this is a good way of people have an interest's in circuit bending.
I will post more info soon.
Of course if this interest´s you please send me an email, and we will discuss you new little toy.
All the instruments should feature in this blog with pictures and sounds.
This is a part of my instruments and stuff that i do for friends.

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