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Max/Msp 5

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Looks nice, sounds nice, but i will wait for information about that cooperation between cycling74 and ableton live...

"The first thing you might notice about Max 5 is the new look of the objects. We've redecorated with a new appearance to ensure you can immediately identify the basic elements of a patch. It doesn't try to be photorealistic, primarily because the interface scales so you can look at a patch at any resolution. That includes zooming out as well as zooming in."
"Moreover, we've created a new system of default colors. The system allows you to change the colors of objects that haven't been set to any particular special color value. This means that you can change all the colors to a new appearance, but you don't have to force those colors on anyone else who might look at your patch. Similarly, someone else's color scheme won't be imposed on you when you open their patches. One reason we implemented this system was to allow you to change color defaults when lighting conditions change. Bright clear colors on a blistering white background might be appropriate for a sunny day in LA, but if you're on stage in New York, you might want white on black. Watch how easy it is to change defaults merely by selecting a pre-configured file."

Max/Msp 5

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