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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Another one from genoqs machines, this one is called nemo, a full midi sequencer.
Here is some info about it.
"Nemo is a high-end MIDI step sequencer, adding portability to the highly acclaimed functionality and user friendliness of Octopus. It is in many ways an Octopus in disguise, and one that feels equally well in a backpack or on your lap!

It features the same sequencing lighthouse features that Octopus users have enjoyed for years, including polyphonic steps, self-modulating and cross-modulating sequences, freely editable musical scales, user editable runtime directions, full-scale MIDI recording, and much more.

Nemo’s tactile and visual feedback, as in Octopus, is a physical experience so typical for traditional musical instruments. You know already that music is about your body as music is being felt, heard and played with Nemo. And the numbers behind it all.. no display? Well, do you really care? Yes, computers love them. We love light, color, and most of all music!"


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