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Klee sequencer

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Q: What is a Klee Sequencer?

A: A Klee Sequencer is a compositional tool that perhaps could be thought of as an almagm of the concept behind (but not the implementation of) the Triadex Muse coupled to a step sequencer. Klee Sequencing relies upon the composer's innate ability to discern patterns of musical worth from a variety of rhythms and pitches produced through a method that is often impossible to predict through interaction with the controls. Often, through manipulation of a single control or switch, the Klee Sequencer can reveal a new direction or approach to an already established Klee Sequence.
And if you want to build one (good soldering knoledge, and a basic now how of circuit integration needed), here is something to start.

Klee sequencer explain

Klee sequencer build (parts and pcb)
Klee sequencer more info and parts

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