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Not breathing sound systems & Carrion sound

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My friend Sascha renner as sent me an email about this.
I must admit that im having trouble writing this post, theres so much information that i dont really know were to start.
Theres circuit bending machines, modular instruments,lighting stuff etc...
Theres also a store were you could buy stuff.
Lots of schematics too.
Some instruments are influenced by ciat lonbarde but the cases and the wood designs are really something to see.
Without further delay here goes.
"we have worked with the record labels: terminal dusk, kimosciotic, invisible records, dagon productions, antzen / hymen, asafoetida, auscultare, instant shoggoth, pinch a loaf, visible records, little fox, sick muse, mutant music, F.D.R., haltapes, mother savage noise, brutal sound effects, DHR, hushush/hednod, labyrinth, zyon, spite, VUZ, many others...
we have toured the US several times. we have toured as support act for the following bands us tours: einsturzende neubauten, pigface, dead voices on air, flange du mal, subarachnoid space, test department, sheep on drugs, etc...
we make our own music equipment - please look at our site for info on that"

Not breathing sound systems & Carrion sound

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