Sentimo-nos humanos, olhamos e vemos Paisagens electronicas que tem o poder de criar imagens mentais com uma forca e uma vigorosidade tal que nos apercebemos o quao pequenos somos.

Bent 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008

Its close one more year of Bent festival, first New yor then L.A and least but not last Miniapolis, for those you are going have lots of fun.
"This is the fifth year of the Bent Festival, and will be the most expansive year to date featuring more workshops, performers, and art installations than ever before. Sponsored in part by Make Magazine (www.makezine.com), this yearÕs festival will continue last year's tradition of taking the festival on the road, from coast to coast! The dates and locations for this year's festival are as follows"

New York -April 24-26
LA -April 17-19
Minneapolis -May 1-3

Bent Festival

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The 2 mile Quadruplex

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The 2 mile Quadruplex is a new film organisation that is pro-magnetism and anti-narrative.
We are looking for video in the following (made-up) genres:

* noise
* video-synthesis
* video-bent
* demoscene
* trash/broken
* old media
* data bending/'Mush'-inima
* ear-eye experiments
* VHS nostalgia
* other...

for an evening of video, film and live performances in Hull, UK.
Deadline: 30th May 08


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Saturday, April 05, 2008

From Haunted house records comes Creature, a electronic circuit bending sample dvd.
"Electronic Critters is a sample dvd based on circuit bent childrens toys. This sample dvd was born during the creation of Creature's latest album Distant Horizon. At the start of the albums writing process, creature aka Stephen Haunts from Derby in the UK, spent months circuit bending and sampling childrens toys. Once sampled, the recordings where chopped up and run thorugh numerous effects to create sounds unlike anything you have ever heard before. Stephen enjoyed this process so much, that after Distant Horizon was released, he continued processing these sounds and created even more alien sounding textures. The result is this sample dvd. The package contains:"

Creature electronic critters

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Another one from genoqs machines, this one is called nemo, a full midi sequencer.
Here is some info about it.
"Nemo is a high-end MIDI step sequencer, adding portability to the highly acclaimed functionality and user friendliness of Octopus. It is in many ways an Octopus in disguise, and one that feels equally well in a backpack or on your lap!

It features the same sequencing lighthouse features that Octopus users have enjoyed for years, including polyphonic steps, self-modulating and cross-modulating sequences, freely editable musical scales, user editable runtime directions, full-scale MIDI recording, and much more.

Nemo’s tactile and visual feedback, as in Octopus, is a physical experience so typical for traditional musical instruments. You know already that music is about your body as music is being felt, heard and played with Nemo. And the numbers behind it all.. no display? Well, do you really care? Yes, computers love them. We love light, color, and most of all music!"


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