Sentimo-nos humanos, olhamos e vemos Paisagens electronicas que tem o poder de criar imagens mentais com uma forca e uma vigorosidade tal que nos apercebemos o quao pequenos somos.

A conversation with Richard D. James, aka AFX and Aphex Twin.

Friday, April 28, 2006

I have take this from disquietbecause i have done a radio show just about Afx or aphex twin.Its my tribute to one man in nearly one decade of electronic music,and i must say that he as a big influence in me.
so here it is the interview from Marc Weidenbaum.
One more thing i simply love disquiet:)

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Future X10

And like somewone said another pearl from Elektron

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Beep playlist "again"

Thursday, April 27, 2006

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Discovering Electronic Music

Saturday, April 22, 2006

This is an educational film from 1983 describing a little bit of the history and tools of electronic music. The best thing about it is that it is behind the times for 1983, and seems more like a 1970s film. Frequently featured is a Moog modular! Also featured is a Fairlight, but as an analog obsessive, I'm less interested in that.
You'll love this film if you love analog synthesizers, electronic music (historic, not electronica), or music geeks. : ) Lots of cool oscilloscope shots, primitive sequencers, etc.

Discovering Electronic Music part 1
Discovering Electronic Music part 2
Discovering Electronic Music part 3
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Red Bull Music Academy

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Red Bull Music Academy
Melbourne 2006

1 Periodo: 24 de Setembro a 6 de Outubro de 2006
2 Periodo: 15 de Outubro a 27 de Outubro de 2006

Fase de Inscrições: 14 de Abril a 3 de Junho de 2006

A viagem continua – desta vez a nona edicao da Red Bull Music Academy tem lugar em Melbourne, na Australia. E para aí que irao convergir músicos e DJs, produtores, entusiastas e os artistas das dezenas de países onde a Red Bull Music Academy esta implantada. Portugal e um deles, e é aqui que se tem alimentado, atraves do know-how formativo da Academy, a cena musical de forma abrangente e positiva.

Red Bull Music Academy
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Beep playlist

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Monday, April 17, 2006

glui was devised around 1997 by Nic Collins and Sukandar Kartadinata as a new node on the music & technology grid following their joint work during the mid-nineties at STEIM.

glui aims to continue the tradition of sensor instruments and to further promote the physical performance aspects of live electronic music, striving to achieve the coherency of acoustic instruments.

glui focuses on custom hardware development and system design, where support for musicians has been neglected compared to the software domain. With the gluiph and the gluion we provide two building blocks for the development of your electronic instrument, no matter wether you want to go the"traditional" way of interfacing sensors to your laptop or prefer to invest in an integrated, more mature solution.

More recently glui has started to complement its product offerings with workshops on hardware hacking and sensor technology.

And glui remains artist-driven, as can be seen from our project list, which ranges from small-scale circuit-bending to big-scale installations including work in the visual world. In addition our new concept pages discuss alternatives for instrument design.

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Bent 2006

Friday, April 14, 2006

A must go.
I wish i live in the states....

Each year, The Tank invites benders from across the country and around the globe to perform concerts with their circuit bent instruments, to teach workshops to adults and children alike, and to generally descend on our fair city for a week of sharing and showing off their skills.

If you have the least bit of curiosity about electronics or electronic music, or if you've ever just really wanted to rip your toys apart, this festival is for you. Each day we will have open studios with expert benders on hand to help you get started. There will be installation artists building circuit-bent artwork throughout the space. There will be a full schedule of in-depth workshops. There will be nightly concerts of some of the best circuit benders in the world. It is genuinely fun for the whole family. You will have a blast.

Don't have any idea what we're talking about? Take a look at some of these circuit bending sites:

anti theory
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we aim to refine the way people consider interface.

we seek less complex, more versatile tools: accessible, yet fundamentally adaptable. we believe these parameters are most directly achieved through minimalistic design, enabling users to more quickly discover new ways to work, play, and connect. we see flexibility not as a feature, but as a foundation.

we strive for economic and ecological sustainability. careful design standards enable us to contribute both to culture and the environment by choosing local, high-quality, and responsible providers and production facilities. we acknowledge that our future will depend on our ability to support and maintain a regenerative economy.

we are a collective community.

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Noiser 1.0 by IXI

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The user just puts some soundfiles into the "snds" folder of the application and the software will import the files and start to create music according to some popular glitch/microsound algorithms. The result can be stunning. Mindblowing actually.

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Block Jam

We believe in a future where music will no longer be considered a linear composition, but a dynamic structure, and musical composition will extend to interaction. We also believe that the divisions of composer, performer, and audience will be blurred, by the introduction of such media.

Block Jam
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This dude as a bunch of software like nanoloop,Shittracker,Pounder,User Constrained Brownian Noise Generator,Sludgeon2,also chk out this video

The Gameboy app will allow the user to configure an "active zone" of buttons. This
will allow a user to quickly match columns in the Gameboy app to columns in the Session
View of Ableton Live. An initial limit of a 10x8 matrix of buttons will be enforced.
However, future versions will include a "virtual scrolling" functionality to emulate a
larger matrix of buttons.

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

ReACT is an advanced control surface specially designed for Live Visual Art with Resolume VJ software. This small, lightweight but robust, powerful and expandable Controller and the Resolume VJ Software combine to the most advanced PC based live VJing solution.

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