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Tom Bugs, Goodiepal

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This week i have been attending to a series of workshops in Lisbon made by "Um festival".
The first workshop was "building yourself a noize machine" and was presented by Tom Bugs from Bugbrand, that was simple, a kit, some soldering irons, lots of resistors and a whole lot more of capacitators, the end result ...Lots of ours of fun and a cool device with 3 oscillators.
When talking to Tom after the workshop we promised me a interview to be publish here soon.
Then came the Goodiepal workshop and the educational presentation of its book "Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra"
There we talked about music desconstrution, the music tempo and the influence of it in modern music, also some quantum mechanics theories, goodiepal mechanical birds and ofcourse mickey mouse (that is a joke).
The overall result was positive but i think somethimes the crown lost a bit of perspective adressing goodiepal.
Ofcourse a interview will be posted soon here too.
Im really glad of attending this discussion about modern music and the new forms influences to it.

Tom Bugs
Um festival

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