Sentimo-nos humanos, olhamos e vemos Paisagens electronicas que tem o poder de criar imagens mentais com uma forca e uma vigorosidade tal que nos apercebemos o quao pequenos somos.

Sonic devices for sale

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

needs 2x 9Volt Battery
2 chaotic oscis, both with chaos on/off switch, each osci benefits of a power-starve knob.
both channels can be connected to the added passive ringmodulator, or one channel and anything amplified else
can be connected to the ringmod. or two amplified signals could go to the ringmod."

"VCacophonator - board layout @ worth ekik
needs 1x 9V-Battery"

"Weird sound generator in wooden case with low power modding:
printed PC Board from Ray Wilson (gave me green light to sell the modded wsg)
needs 1x 9V-Battery"

Just look at this instruments..:) they are so beautifull and so tasty too, and they are for sale, just check the Subtlenoizemaker website and deliciate yourself.

Sonic for sale

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Quad box

"quadripolar is collective recordings of experimental brazilian artists.
free improvisation.
live recordings.
handmade devices.
circuit bending.
home made for home listening.

Quad is not a label.
It is a collection of experimental recordings, some in my livingroom, others live.
In my home I use technics of hardware hacking and circuit bending, living behind all theories and conventions.
Old and damaged solid state tape recorders, instruments build and modified by me are some of my recording tools.
I have iniciated this collection in 2007, but I make recordings since 1998. At the beginning my motivation was just spread out my own material, and little by little other artists used to conventional studios handed up to my free creation.
The format of the disks are variable: mini cd, cd card, mini dvd, cd and dvd. The number of copyes is limited."
Hi would like to say a big thanks to pan&tone for all its hard work and for giving so much to circuit bending.

Quad box

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Say hi and welcome to new collaborators

yes beep glitch its proud to present Pan&tone and Sascha renner as two new collaborators for beep glitch blog.
First Pan&tone is an artist from brazil that explores circuit bending, he also as done some great workshops (wich as been pulicated here ), you can see the work of Pan&tone
here (Pan&tone website)
here (Pan&tone myspace)
SubtleNoizeMaker aka sascha renner is our second colaborator he as some great gadgets and also really beutifull designs too (expect great posts from sascha)he is also a circuit bending artist and you can see info about Sascha
here (Subtlenoizemaker website)
here (subtlenoizemaker myspace)
Also we are thinking of porting beep glitch to a new website full of great stuff, including a online store with you can buy some of the great instruments that you see here weekly, many things to come for the future, stay tuned.

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Bruce haack

Thursday, February 21, 2008

"bruce´s world was private, and he was such a private thing"this is the beguining of the bruce haack documentary, simply amazing and so way ahead of us all.
"an interview with Philip Anagnos Director of "Haack: The King Of Techno"

FEATURING: bruce haack, esther nelson, praxiteles pandel, chris kachulis, starchildren, jean jacques perrey, money mark (beastie boys), mark oliver everett (eels), mouse on mars, cut chemist, peanut butter wolf, tipsy, dj me dj you, anubian lights, mister rogers (pbs), garry moore (i've got a secret), russell simmons (def jam)"

Bruce haack the movie

Vide bruce haack

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Grooverider in jail

Hi this is sad news, i always been a fan of grooverider, and seen a couple of shows in lisbon, it seems that grooverider as been arrested with the possesion of cannabis in dubai, and he is facing 4 years of jail.
Please if you like grooverider as much as me send it a letter of support he will need it.

Grooverider article on the guardian

Dubai and tony blair

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$20 midi synth

Saturday, February 02, 2008

midi controlled cmos diy synth (prototype):
a cheap diy instrument controlled by ableton live.

Found this one browsing em411.



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Bending Documentary

Some people call it "electronic folk art" or a regular-people's entree' into electronic music. Enthusiasts call it circuit-bending: opening up discarded electronic teaching toys, musical keyboards and talking animals to reveal their circuitry, then re-wiring the circuits to make sounds the original designers never imagined.

Just look at those keyboards sitting there waiting to be bent.


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