Sentimo-nos humanos, olhamos e vemos Paisagens electronicas que tem o poder de criar imagens mentais com uma forca e uma vigorosidade tal que nos apercebemos o quao pequenos somos.

PanEtone board

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My friend PanEtone as send me a schematic witch he will use on his workshop.
Its a simple one but a lot of soul in there.
Here is the topic on the workshop.
-Building your first oscillator
-basic electronic components
-have fun with the vactrol synth (also building one)
-basic soldering
-altering the pitch and the clock on a toy
-amplifying and distorting
-playing with body contacts and instruments.
In the final they will play a concert with the instruments build during the workshop.

Sounds like a lot of fun

About the board "you are viewing the component side"- just copy the image and glue to a piece of card them trim and make holes for the components, insert the components and solder together.
For the chips (ic) you can use 40106, 4016 or 4093.

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